How to clean a restaurant kitchen floor

How to clean a restaurant kitchen floor is one question we get so often. The greasy kitchen floor becomes very slippery. Nothing is more dangerous, or costly, than a greasy restaurant kitchen floor. Slips, trips or falls account for up to 15% or more of all workers compensation costs and one disabling injury can put you out of pocket $30,000 or more. Plus, it's easy to track grease into the main dining area putting your customers, and your wallet, in even more danger.

There are easy steps to clean a restaurant kitchen floor:

Avoid more than 90% of costly slip and fall accidents with Slip Resistant Solutions' heavy-duty non slip products. Most one-solution-fits-all floor treatment products are too mild to cut through layers of grease. Commercial or restaurant kitchen floors are typically made of red or gray quarry tile. These porous tiles make the perfect trap for grease and soap which fills the holes and makes the floor slippery. Slip Resistant Solutions' products are specifically designed for tough-to-clean kitchen floor tile.

There are a few common mistakes when it comes to taking good care of your kitchen floor tile, such as using cheap generic solutions or bleach. One should avoid using laundry detergent or dishwasher soap. Both contain ANIMAL FAT as an emulsifying liquid so they're extremely slippery as is. Over time they build up a residue that combines with the grease to create a slippery coating on your restaurant flooring which is the exact thing you're trying to avoid.

Every non slip restaurant kitchen floor starts with a good floor degreaser cleaner:

A good quality floor degreaser cleaner is the first step towards safe restaurant flooring. Before you strip the soap and grease coating, apply our Hard Surface Cleaner Degreaser with a hard bristle deck brush to return the tile to its normal, like new, state.

Restaurant Kitchen Floor Cleaner Degreaser


Our hard surface cleaner degreaser will be the right degreaser cleaner for your restaurant kitchen floor. It dilutes to treat up to 15,000 square feet so it goes a very long way.

This product comes in packages of two or four gallons.




Two Gallon Package


Four Gallon Package




BELOW are the proper steps to cleaning a tile restaurant kitchen floor using the best commercial kitchen degreaser cleaner available.... Our SLIP RESISTANT SOLUTION'S HARD SURFACE CLEANER AND DEGREASER.

Step 1. Sweep the floor and properly dispose of all debris.

Step 2. Dilute the cleaning solution exactly as directed on the label.

Step 3. Apply the diluted cleaning solution liberally to the floor. It can be mixed in a bucket and poured over the floor, or using a degreaser dispensing system that is either permanently mounted to the wall or attached to a hose. On floors with either inadequate or no floor drains, use a mop and bucket.

Step 3. The floor should be mopped with the diluted cleaning solution and then briskly brushed using a stiff bristle deck brush.

Step 4. The degreaser cleaner should be allowed to sit on the floor for at least five to ten minutes while being agitated with a stiff bristle deck brush. At that point it will have emulsified the greases and dirt.

Step 5. The kitchen floor tile should be rinsed using a hose with hot water. If floor drains are not available, the floor should me mopped with a bucket of clean hot water, changing the water quite often.

Step 6. Squeegee the SLIP-RESISTANT-SOLUTION'S-HARD-SURFACE-FLOOR-CLEANER/DEGREASER with the emulsified grease and dirt down the floor

Step 7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 if necessary.

Step 8. Identify mops and brushes for use in the kitchen only. Do not use them in public areas.

Once you've applied the degreaser cleaner and your kitchen floor tiles are squeaky clean, it's time to apply the Slip Resistant Floor Treatment for Quarry Tile or Ceramic tile. This not only removes the soapy buildup, it makes your restaurant kitchen floor even more slip resistant by applying a light chemical etching to the quarry tile.

Quarry Tile Non Slip Floor Treatment


Treats 350 to 400 square feet

$89.00 per gallon (Buy 10 or more and pay just $79.00)

Apply in one hour


Follow these additional helpful tips for proper restaurant kitchen floor maintenance:

  • Once you've applied the degreaser and non slip treatment to your kitchen flooring, use the degreaser on a regular basis, at least once a day and more often if possible, to keep it free of grease and buildup.
  • Make sure to use the degreaser at the recommended dilution ratio. More is not better.
  • Let the degreaser sit on the floor for at least five to ten minutes or longer to emulsify the grease, then follow with a thorough hot-water rinse.
  • Use a different mop for the restaurant kitchen floor than you use for the general restaurant flooring.
  • Change the mop bucket and solution often to avoid "slop mopping"just spreading the dirt and grease around the kitchen flooring. The frequency depends on how dirty the floor is.
  • Clean up grease spills promptly.
  • Sweep up food items throughout the day.

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