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It is easy to put off concern about slip and fall accidents. But it really should not be when you consider the cost of slip and fall settlements.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than one million people seek medical attention from a hospital emergency room for slip-and-fall accidents each year. More than 12,000 people die.

Fifteen percent of the estimated 3.8 million disabling workplace injuries each year are due to slips, trips, or falls, according to the National Safety Council. These accidents account for 12 to 15 percent of all workers' compensation costs. The average direct cost for one disabling injury now approaches $28,000. In the case of a death on the job, the average cost has recently been estimated at $940,000.

Premises liability, slip and fall or trip and fall injuries can occur as a result of dangerous or hazardous conditions on another's property.Property owners are often responsible for injuries that occur on their property, especially if the hazard is not obvious but was known to the owner.. A permanent dangerous or hazardous condition is likely to result in liability to the property owner and with a temporary condition, the length of time it existed prior to the accident is important.

Not only can a good program prevent accidents, it can also be an important tool in defending against costly slip and fall settlements. A single claim can cost a company tens of thousands of dollars. While many claims are legitimate, plenty of others are fraudulent. Either way, a company that can demonstrate that it has a thorough floor care program will likely fare better in court than a company with no such program.

One of the things the courts like to see is that the business has good records of how they are taking care to guard against accidents. It's important to stress to businesses the importance of maintaining and documenting their program. Starting a great program and then quickly forgetting about it doesn't do anyone any good.

Having a good program of floor care in place and staying with it on a regular basis is extremely important.

Our system of floor care will first clean the floor surface and then it will treat the tile to make it slip resistant. Continuous cleaning with our degreaser will keep the floor slip resistant. It is very important not to let grease build up again on the treated floor. To learn more about the VALUE OF A SLIP AND FALL ACCIDENT

To learn more about how to degrease a kitchen floor....go to How to Clean a Restaurant Kitchen Floor

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The tile that was laid on my outside walkway and 3 porches was extremely slippery when wet, creating a terribly dangerous condition. It was going to cost about $5,000 to demolish and replace. I found SLIP RESISTANT SOLUTIONS on the internet, ordered it, and hired a contractor to apply it. I'd do it myself, except I am a VERY senior citizen.

SLIP RESISTANT SOLUTION was easy to apply, and certainly did what it said it would do, and did not change the appearance of the tile. I even received a phone call from the company to be sure I was satisfied with the final results. Amazing in this day!

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"I kept coming to your website before I decided to make the purchase. Boy am I glad I did. My travertine looks just as good as it did before we applied the solution and the traction is so much better!"

Greg...Houston, Texas