Bathtub stickers and bathtub decals can be really cute. They will help with bathtub safety and slip resistance. However, they are just NOT a permanent solution. Bathtub anti slip stickers are just a temporary way of controlling slip and fall accidents.. The bathtub decals eventually peel off and are really hard to clean as well.

Both bathtub stickers and anti slip stickers do discolor, deteriorate and crack when used over time. The appearance will not be so cute after awhile and you will be trying to find a way to get them off the surface of the tub. Trying to get rid of them can cause a headache since they do not come off easily.

The same applies to bathtub decals; they do chip around the edges leaving a grimy spot of residue that collects dirt and soap scum making it hard to come off. They can get cruddy and removing them can be difficult too. Moreover, after removal they do leave a sticky mess and stains. This can only translate to temporary solution to slip and fall accidents in the bathtub.

Slip Resistant Solution Inc. has designed a permanent solution to help avoid slip and fall accidents in the bathtub. We have a product that will work on a porcelain bathtub as well as a product for fiberglass or acrylic bathtubs. Just listen to what Rebecca had to say:

"For three and a half years, I tried stick-on decals to fix my slippery bathtub. They never stayed on, they became grimy, and they made the tub uncomfortable for bathing. I LOVE your chemical solution. It worked like magic. Now my bathtub is clean and shiny, and for the first time, it's not slippery at all. I can step in to take a shower and my foot doesn't budge, doesn't slip, doesn't slide; my foot stays where I put it! It feels like the tub is gently gripping my feet. Best $29 I ever spent."

Rebecca, Cambridge, MA.

The product below is the one for porcelain bathtubs. (If your tub is fiberglass or acrylic click here.)

Tub Box

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We now have a bathtub treatment product that you can use yourself to make your bathtub slip resistant. It does not change the appearance of your tub. You can apply it yourself and it is easy to do, It sells for $34.95 which includes $5.00 shipping charge. We also have a bathtub product for fiberglass bathtubs. Read about it by clicking here

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Babies are much safer with our Slip Resistant Solutions bathtub treatment.

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The tile that was laid on my outside walkway and 3 porches was extremely slippery when wet, creating a terribly dangerous condition. It was going to cost about $5,000 to demolish and replace. I found SLIP RESISTANT SOLUTIONS on the internet, ordered it, and hired a contractor to apply it. I'd do it myself, except I am a VERY senior citizen.

SLIP RESISTANT SOLUTION was easy to apply, and certainly did what it said it would do, and did not change the appearance of the tile. I even received a phone call from the company to be sure I was satisfied with the final results. Amazing in this day!


Past Customers Past Customers

"I kept coming to your website before I decided to make the purchase. Boy am I glad I did. My travertine looks just as good as it did before we applied the solution and the traction is so much better!"

Greg...Houston, Texas