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Best Concrete Sealer...Non Slip cement floor or concrete floor sealer

Quite often we get calls about concrete floors that are slippery. Businesses are looking for a non slip concrete floor paint or a product that can be used to make these concrete floors safe. They are looking for a product that they can apply to their own concrete to make it safe whether it is wet or dry. The best concrete sealer is a non slip sealer.

There are many industrial settings where concrete is either bare or it has been painted, and for some reason the surface is slippery. Usually the concrete is slippery when it gets wet. For this situation we recommend a cement floor sealer called Solid Step Cote.


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We offer this cement floor sealer in a quart container, gallon container and in a five gallon container.

The Solid Step Cote non slip sealers are crystal clear, water based, non-toxic and extremely durable. Once applied, the surface will exceed OSHA standards for slip resistance in dry or wet conditions. Once applied, the floor will need to have no waxing, buffing or other maintenance routines other than cleaning with soap and water.

Solid Step Cote comes in FOUR levels of texture. This cement floor sealer is the best concrete sealer.

Solid Step Cote 01 has a smooth and clear glossy surface. If you need a matte finish we can provide it but please specify that on your order or give us a call.

Solid Step Cote 02 has a very fine aggregate that is almost invisible to the eye but gives a level of slip resistance that is more safe. It is perfect for any indoor commercial or retail environment. It is used by hospitals and nursing homes, restaurants, grocery stores, retail stores, hotels, spas, bathtubs, shower stalls and bathroom floor who have safety concerns.

Solid Step Cote 03 gives a coarser surface than 02.

Solid Step Cote 04 is the most slip resistant. It is equivalent to 50 grit sandpaper. It provides a safe surface with even wet or oily surfaces.

For complete installation instructions for Solid Step Cote click here.


For complete installation instructions for Solid Step Cote click here.

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Frequently asked questions about this sealer

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The tile that was laid on my outside walkway and 3 porches was extremely slippery when wet, creating a terribly dangerous condition. It was going to cost about $5,000 to demolish and replace. I found SLIP RESISTANT SOLUTIONS on the internet, ordered it, and hired a contractor to apply it. I'd do it myself, except I am a VERY senior citizen.

SLIP RESISTANT SOLUTION was easy to apply, and certainly did what it said it would do, and did not change the appearance of the tile. I even received a phone call from the company to be sure I was satisfied with the final results. Amazing in this day!


Past Customers Past Customers

"I kept coming to your website before I decided to make the purchase. Boy am I glad I did. My travertine looks just as good as it did before we applied the solution and the traction is so much better!"

Greg...Houston, Texas