How to fix slippery wet tile

Slip Resistant Solutions has been treating slippery wet tile for the last twenty years. Over that period of time we have perfected the methods of improving wet floor safety by treating all different slick floor types individually.

Slip Resistant Solutions offers TWO different types of non slip floor treatment. Both products are designed so that homeowners and business owners can do the treatment themselves. Both types of anti skid products are easy to use. You will just need to determine which is the best for you and then follow the directions.

slippery wet floors

The first product is an etching product. This non slip product can be used on any mineral surface. This would include any tile or stone product that does not have a sealer on it. This is a microscopic etching process that does not change the appearance of the tile, but does change the coefficient of friction so that the tile will not be slippery. Each type of tile is different and our products are mixed to the appropriate tile surfaces.

The second product is an actual anti slip coating that is painted on the surface. This coating can go on any surface even if it has a sealer on it.

If you are wondering what type of product to choose.... just go to the "home page" and it will help you with this choice. Click here to return to the HOME PAGE.

slippery wet tile

Some areas are made so much more appealing by the addition of a tile surface....but they are prone to getting wet as well and we have be concerned about safety. Both products work when the tile is wet.

No matter what type of tile you have.... if it is outdoors it needs to be treated. It is not worth compromising your family's safety just to have pretty tile.


slippery wet tile Swimming pool areas are often very dangerous when they are wet. Often, swimming pool inspectors call for treatment of the tiles that are around the edge of the pool or on the edge of the steps. Once the inspector calls for this, the pool has to be drained to get to the tile. This can be avoided by treating the tile before it goes in.

Any outdoor hard surface floor can be made more safe! We have products available to treat your own polished surface floors as well.... This includes polished marble, polished granite and polished porcelain.

Bathroom floors can be very slippery. It is easy to correct this. Watch our video on How to Avoid Bathroom Accident

wet ceramic tile

We also market a product that you can use to treat your own ceramic tile.

Ceramic tile is tile that has a clay backing on it. Tile can be treated either before or after it is installed. Many bathrooms have ceramic tile.

Avoiding slip and fall injuries is imperative at home and in business. Taking the correct measures to treat slippery wet tile that you already know is slippery when wet, will help you avoid law suits. At least it will help you defend yourself. If you know that your tile is slippery or if anyone has fallen in the past you will be wide open to a law suit if you don't take care of the problem.

The treatment on the tile will be long lasting if it is cleaned properly and no build up of any other products is allowed to accumulate on the tile.
We sell products that clean and degrease tile floors.

Find your floor type below to read more about these two different products:

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The tile that was laid on my outside walkway and 3 porches was extremely slippery when wet, creating a terribly dangerous condition. It was going to cost about $5,000 to demolish and replace. I found SLIP RESISTANT SOLUTIONS on the internet, ordered it, and hired a contractor to apply it. I'd do it myself, except I am a VERY senior citizen.

SLIP RESISTANT SOLUTION was easy to apply, and certainly did what it said it would do, and did not change the appearance of the tile. I even received a phone call from the company to be sure I was satisfied with the final results. Amazing in this day!


Past Customers Past Customers

"I kept coming to your website before I decided to make the purchase. Boy am I glad I did. My travertine looks just as good as it did before we applied the solution and the traction is so much better!"

Greg...Houston, Texas